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Welcome to Hustle and Heart TV & Podcast, an online collection of both video and audio interviews filled with strategies, tools, resources and actionable advice to help you take your life and business to the next level. You’ll meet the greatest entrepreneurs, millionaires, artists, activist, celebrities, philanthropists and people who inspire you to hustle and love your journey! Scroll through the archives below, along the right to watch previous episodes from season 1 & 2.

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How to Refuel, Renew & Refocus your Goals with Sharise Nance H & H 11

So often we’re told that the path to getting things done is to power through! But when you’re working to better your business, sometimes “powering through” can become nearly impossible. You work yourself to the point of mental and physical exhaustion. And what happens next? That productivity we were working so hard towards takes a nosedive, progress comes to a screeching halt and you find yourself scratching your head in frustration. read more…

How to do your own PR like a PRO with Leslie Green H & H 10

Public. Relations… have you ever stopped to think about those words and what they really mean? It is literally the way that your business, your brand, is viewed by people who could make or break your reputation. That’s a big deal. And it can be a daunting task to handle your own media relations, busy event schedule and keep your marketing strategy revved up. It sounds like you need a public relations professional.  read more…

How to Create an Irresistible Brand with Hanna Fitz H & H 9

SHOW PROMO Hanna Fitz-3
Decisions. We make hundreds of them everyday. Sometimes our more simple decisions come down to packaging. I think we’ve all looked at two bottles of wine and chosen the one with the best label, the branding that caught our eye, the one we just couldn’t resist. Your customers have the same decisions to make. If they’re considering your business and your competition, sometimes it comes down to who has the best branding, the best packaging. read more…

Mindset Mastery for Women Entrepreneurs with Joy Bufalini H & H 8

Show Promo JOY BUFALINIWhat’s the most important thing to consider when it comes to building your business and brand? Take a moment and really think about this.

Is it your marketing plan? Your clientele? Budget management? The location of your business (if you have a storefront)?

These are all key elements of any successful business plan, and you really can’t neglect any of them. When it comes down to it, the single most important aspect of your business is, drumroll please, your mindset. read more…

How to Become an Authority and Catapult Profits with Weston Lyon H & H 7

16174771_1182735318461350_6962315645989615662_nGuru. We’ve all heard the word and I’m sure you have a few gurus you look up to for everything from home repair advice to tried-and-true marketing secrets to style influence. Sound familiar? Of course it does! We go to these gurus, these influencers, these people who are authorities in their own field for advice because they provide quality information and products time and time again. Now let’s be honest, we all want to be that guru, that authority, the person your ideal client or customer is coming to for help? Don’t we? Of course we do!  read more…

The Plan to Expand with Karleen Leveille on H & H 6

Show Promo Karleen Leveille

We have all had those periods in our lives when we’ve second guessed ourselves and it’s kept us from pursuing an opportunity that we know is meant for us. The question is how much longer are you going to let your destiny pass you by? Because face it, when you’ve got big plans, especially if you’re someone looking to grow or expand your business, you must hop on it soon. Because the longer you wait, the more likely your opportunity is to pass on to someone else. Don’t let that happen.

Take a listen to this episode of Hustle & Heart LIVE with Darieth Chisolm as I’m talking to business growth coach Karleen Leveille. read more…

How to Write Sales Copy that Sizzles & Sells with Kira Hug H & H 5

show-promo-kira-hugI’d like to think I’ve got a pretty keen mind for business. I know my market and I’ve learned how to implement a solid marketing strategy. But when it comes to writing copy material for my website and other platforms, I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty difficult. It’s sometimes a challenge even when I know what message I want to communicate to my audience but I can’t quite find the words.

Let me ask you, do you sometimes suffer with writer’s block?

Are you coming across authentically to your audience?

Are you too wordy?

Is your message clear? read more…

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