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The Ultimate Body Applicators by It Works

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As seen on the Emmys and Oscars!

The Ultimate Body Applicator, aka skinny wrap, is our flagship product - a site specific wrap that can be applied comfortably in the privacy of your own home and worn 45 minutes up to 8 hours. Results - tightens, tones, and firms those trouble spots where cellulite, skin slackening and scaring occur. Our all natural product line consists of body contouring, supplements, and skin care products. We have everything you need to live longer and look younger!


  As seen at the Emmys & Oscars!

Capturing the attention of Hollywood's elite.
This all natural, healthy, slimming, sensation produced by "It Works Global" is being introduced and used by Hollywood's elite celebrities and athletes all over the world. Featured multiple times at the Emmy, Oscar, and Grammy Award shows, the Ultimate Body Applicators have become the celebrity gifts of choice. Featured and used on the sets of Sex and the City, and used by Actors and Actresses like Kim Cattrall, Paula Abdul, Leeza Gibbons, Rumer Willis, Seth Green, Melanie Griffith, Christian de la Fuente, Nadia Bjorlin, Mario Lopez, and many others.

Featured on the cover of "Opportunity World Magazine" as "the" company to improve one's life both Physically and Financially.

Featured on CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX



Here are some helpful tips:

1.Use on clean, dry skin. Preferably right out of the shower.
2. Take one out of the box, cut open, carefully unfold and then place the lotion side onto your skin.
3. Wrap Saran wrap around the entire area several times to hold the applicator firmly into place.
4. Wear for at least 45 minutes and drink several bottles of water.
5. You will feel it tingling...it's working.
6. Remove applicator and discard and then rub/massage the left over lotion into your skin.
7. Drink plenty of water and then wrap again after 72 hours or once a week.