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Darieth Chisolm is an internationally known seasoned speaker, author, visibility and media strategist with expertise in personal development, success strategies, business and brand exposure and visibility.  As an Emmy Award Winning 20 year television news anchor and media host, Darieth evokes an authentic charm and warm approach to often tough subjects. Darieth was recently named Top 10 Trailblazer in Communications by Walker’s Legacy and her award winning video podcast show Hustle & Heart TV was voted Top 10 Best Video Podcast in 2015 by the Podcast Awards.

She is uniquely able to make learning complicated issues fun and deliver result generating content. Darieth is frequently featured as an emcee, host, moderator, panelist and keynote speaker. Her ability to connect with her audience and deliver timely content  leaves them  feeling empowered and ready to take action. Her mission isn’t just about teaching the things she’s most passionate about…goal setting, team building and entrepreneurship…it’s about touching people’s lives. She has a love for connecting with people and watching them grow and expand their lives.

Book her for your next event and you’ll find her there early, taking photo’s and giving hugs, and staying late in an effort to over deliver and make your event a success.

Motivational speaker Darieth Chisolm can speak at your event in a number of ways. Let us know if any of these venues works for your event, or contact us to create a special setting and program that is best for your situation.

Keynote Address As your keynote speaker Darieth can offer a dynamic way to begin your event or meeting to generate enthusiasm and a sense of empowerment. She will captivate your audience with her passion, incredible poise and grace, personal stories, marketing smarts, and with humor that ties it all together.

Workshops, Seminars, Trainings, Online Tele Seminars and Conferences These settings can provide participants with more time and concentration to really get to know Darieth and her success programs. Darieth can work more closely and personally with a group or team of people. This is where the process of “making things happen” in your event’s participants lives can take place-individually, personally, as a work group, as a team, or as collaborative associates. Darieth presents great breakout trainings for entrepreneurs, small business owners, authors, experts, bloggers and more. She can show your participants how to build brand, influence and income.

Conventions and Special Events Darieth will deliver her high-powered motivational keynote and also be available to give additional talks during your event. Her expert advice, interactive presentations, proven processes and practices will inspire participants to tap deeply into their passion so they can clearly focus that energy and vigor into their personal lives and for increased sales, relationship marketing productivity, business building and financial success.

Corporate, Leadership or Organizational Retreats This relaxed environment provides unprecedented opportunity for focused individual attention in the private setting of your company’s top executives or your events’ participants. Executives and leaders can receive insightful personal coaching with Darieth and create new levels of empowerment, innovation and personal fulfillment in all areas of their lives.

Your Specific Speaking Situation Darieth will work with you on tailoring a program for your unique venue. For example, if your group consists of business owners, independents, franchisees, or sales driven professionals, Darieth’s powerful, uplifting presentation can be precisely focused to catapult your group to: feel inspired, optimistic and motivated every single day; take and sustain action like never before; raise productivity and increase sales of your products and services; feel passionate about their work on a daily basis; and move into action!








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