Get one on one Coaching & Strategy Sessions to Launch & Promote your Brand & Podcast Show!

Why in the world would you want to Host a Video Podcast or Podcast Show?

Here are the 10 Top Reasons

1. Build an Audience & Following

2. Become the Expert and Go-To Authority in your Field

3. Make additional Streams of Income from 1 Show

4. Share your Message, Story & Platform

5. Leverage ALL of your Marketing Efforts

6. Create Powerful Affiliate & JV Relationships

7. Sell more of your Products, Services, Books & Programs

8. Establish Professional Credibility

9. Provide Value, Meaning & Purpose to your Passion

10. Be part of the Biggest Wave of Content Delivery & Marketing

You’re probably thinking:  How do I get started?

Schedule one on one Coaching Strategy Sessions with me and I will help you develop a plan to Make, Market & Monetize your Show!

We will cover:

How to Craft your Brand Message Show Style, Platform and Outline

Naming your Podcast, Creating your podcast artwork, Determining the best equipment

Adding your podcast to your existing blog, website, YouTube, Facebook & Social Media Sites

Publishing your podcast to over 50 directories and Marketing your podcast successfully

9 Strategies for monetizing your podcast, Securing guests (for interview-driven podcasts)

Booking guest spots on other podcasts

Leveraging your podcast as a springboard to other opportunities

And so much more…


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One on One, Group Strategy Sessions and VIP Intensive Coaching Available. Space is limited and fills quickly. You may also contact me with any other questions. Be sure to leave your phone number, website address and more details about you below.