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H & H TV 10| Collin STOVER on Magic, Mentalism & Money

September 30, 2014

Brand identity, graphic design, social media and MAGIC. Yes, it seems it does take a bit of magic and even sometimes a miracle to market yourself and your business. Instead of pulling your hair out or a pulling a rabbit out of a hat…you’d like to be pulling

H & H TV 9| Ray HIGDON on Losing it All and Winning even More

September 22, 2014

In 2004 Ray quit his job in information technology, jumped into the real estate industry, made some money, only to be slammed in the economy downfall in 2008, and lost everything. All the rental properties, all the cash he saved, a long-term relationship

H & H TV 8| Sam DEEP on Shark Like Leadership

September 15, 2014

Part of my desire to do a show like Hustle & Heart TV was to expose people to a caliber of individuals who could share mindset and mastery in the fields of business, leadership, personal development and success management. In life sometimes you meet people

H & H TV 7| Rob WILSON on Creating Something of Value and Giving it Away

September 9, 2014

Rob Wilson is dubbed “Hip Hop’s Financial Advisor”  because he is a trusted advisor to professional athletes & entertainers.

H & H TV 6| Stephanie DONEGAN on creating an Irresistible Juicy Brand

September 4, 2014

Subscribe & WATCH on iTunes  Subscribe & LISTEN on iTunes Subscribe & LISTEN on Stitcher Radio (Andriod) Who is Stephanie? She calls herself the marketing maven and client attraction specialist, and when you meet Stephanie Donegan, you’ll surely agree, she’s got something truly special. Stephanie has years of experience in sales and marketing, helping major […]

H & H TV 5| Denise WALSH on Deciding and Declaring your Self Worth

September 4, 2014

Subscribe & WATCH on iTunes Subscribe & LISTEN on iTunes Subscribe & LISTEN on Stitcher Radio (Andriod) Who is Denise? Denise Walsh is a true inspiration to many!  She’s a dedicated It Works! Global Leader and has amassed a team of thousands of distributors. Her aspirations to help people were born out of a professional […]