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H & H 22 |REBECCA HARRIS Being in business, the greatest journey you’ll ever take

January 27, 2015

Rebecca Harris is the Director, Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Chatham University and a longtime successful entrepreneur and business advocate. Under Rebecca’s leadership at the center she has designed and introduced a number of programs including

H & H 21 | Shellie HIPSKY on How to Live an Inspired Life

January 19, 2015

You might find her working the runway, in a photo shoot or speaking passionately from stage, but no matter where she’s casting her beautiful smile and lovely spirit you can be assured that Dr. Shellie Hipsky is there to inspire you! Shellie is an Associate Professor

H & H 20 | Mame KENDALL on How to be a smoking, hot success in a male dominated industry

January 14, 2015

Mame Kendall is smoking in an industry that is generally reserved for men. The cigar industry, notorious for powerful tobacco companies, cigar aficionados and men who’ve turned their cigar passions into store front dreams. However, Mame is no smoke in the mirror,

H & H 19| Becky AUER The Six and a Half Million Dollar Woman

January 6, 2015

They call her the Six and Half million dollar woman! The kind of expert advice that she dolls out could be worth as much to you in your business. Becky Auer, a leading expert and authority in building multi-million dollar successful, profitable businesses