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H & H 35|Ryan LAMMIE on How to Create Collaborative Opportunities in Your Industry

April 27, 2015

Ryan Lammie says he is an artist first, and founder and executive director of Radiant Hall second. For him, it all begins and ends with the art, and the artists that Radiant Hall provides studio space for.After living in Brooklyn and attending the Pratt Institute,

H & H 34|Kathy PARRY on Living your Dreams, One Bite at a Time

April 21, 2015

Our relationship with food can be described as good and bad, healthy and harmful, vital and victimizing. We know we can’t live with it and food is the center piece to our survival.The business of our relationship with food is huge and “Real Food Coach”Kathy Parry

H & H 33|Bob KRESSON on the Building of an Empire

April 14, 2015

Podcast Listeners please Click Below to Subscribe, Rate and Review.  Click the player to listen or click play to watch here. Subscribe & WATCH on iTunes Subscribe & LISTEN on iTunes Subscribe & LISTEN on Stitcher Radio (Andriod) Who is Bob? Counter-espionage, intelligence gathering, spy technology, infidelity and intrigue. It all sounds so exciting right? […]

H & H 32| Baron BATCH on The Business of Art

April 7, 2015

These days he’d like to be called The Artist, that’s it, The Artist.  A name that totally epitomizes his work, his passion and his purpose.  His real name is Baron Batch and you might know him as a former Pittsburgh Steelers running back.Football is days behind him