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How to use your Ideas to change the lives of others with Bill Strickland|H & H TV 38

September 8, 2015

If you subscribe to the belief that environment shapes people’s lives, then you’ll be impressed with what happens at Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild and Bidwell Training Center. Equally impressive, is the man who crafted this environment from clay

Taking a front row seat on the road to success with Jared Show| H&H TV 39

September 15, 2015

It’s the kind of cheeky, horror flick that makes you laugh your butt off, and if you’re from Pittsburgh, appreciate the uniqueness of the city.  Even more so, Bigfoot: The Movie, makes you proud to celebrate one man’s dream come true on the big screen

Building a strong family run business with the McGinnis Sisters|H&H TV 40

September 23, 2015

Making your grocery shopping experience priceless with the McGinnis Sisters.You can’t help but feel the family pride when you step into a McGinnis Sister Special Food store. The endearing experience is born out of generations of hard work,hustle and love

How to launch a YouTube channel from your basement with Justin LaBar H & H TV 41

September 29, 2015

What happens when you combine a love for professional wresting, a degree in broadcasting and a lot of hustle and heart?  You get Chair Shot Reality, and Justin LaBar living his dreams!  Justin has taken his love of professional wresting and created a