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Living a Healthy, Hot, Happy lifestyle with Dr. Vonda Wright on H & H TV 45

October 28, 2015

Some people feel turning 40 is a negative time, a fearful time, a time to rest. Not my next guest! Dr. Vonda Wright believes this is a positive time, a fearless time, a time to be restless! Get rid of the black “over the hill” balloons and start running up the mountains

Building your Business in the city of Bridges with Mayor Bill Peduto on H & H TV 44

October 21, 2015

The spirit of an entrepreneur is a rare and exciting energy. It comes in all aspects of business and even in Politics. Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto has championed the spirit of the entrepreneur by earmarking programs and initiatives to promote economic

Work your Passion and Showcase your Talent with Nancy Mosser on H & H TV 43

October 13, 2015

Subscribe & LISTEN on iTunes Subscribe & LISTEN on Stitcher Radio (Android)   Who is Nancy Mosser? Are you hungry for the spotlight?  Do you think you have what it takes to be an actor in movies, commercials, or the theater? If you are looking to get started in this exciting film industry, Nancy Mosser […]

Serving up Secrets to Success with Kevin Watson on H & H TV 42

October 6, 2015

How do you go from being homeless and eating popcorn just to survive, to preparing a beef tenderloin filet, and tuna tartar for the President of the United States?  You need a mix of a whole lot of hustle, a heaping of heart, a dash of determination and sprinkle