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Trusting your passion, innovation and assets with Sophia Berman & Laura West on H & H TV 51

December 15, 2015

Getting close and personal to your customers’ needs is a sure fire way to attain customer loyalty and respect. My guests on this episode of Hustle & Heart TV understand this philosophy and know how to keep their customers uplifted and comfortable!

Anything is Possible! 50th Episode Special with Lee Terbosic on H & H TV 50

December 9, 2015

They say there’s no business like show business. In my 50th episode, my guest, Magician & Comedian, Lee Terbosic is a pro when it comes to putting on a show, equally important in today’s climate, he is also a pro when it comes to the business side

From Homeless to Emmy Award Winner, staying hungry with Emmai Alaquiva on H & H TV 49

December 1, 2015

In life, we all have goals, some are short term, some long term, some are ambitious, and others are reserved. Photographer, filmmaker and creative personality, Emmai Alaquiva tells me when he’s working on a project, his goal is to extract the subject’s soul through the lens.