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Are you ethical? Are you Sure?

May 18, 2014

There are some universal truths in business that just make plain sense.
Those truths should be practiced in Network Marketing as well. Especially these Two: 

Listen and Care: You are going to be meeting tons of people on this journey. Customers, new recruits, leaders and naysayers. The more you hear what they have to share and really care about what they are saying, the more you’ll be able to identify what you have to say is so important for them to listen to. It goes hand and hand. If you are having a “conversation” with someone but are thinking only about the next thing you plan to say or share, you aren’t really listening and you are going to miss something important. Telling isn’t selling. Understanding and meeting your customer’s needs will sell product.

Ethical and Genuine: Multi level marketing, network marketing, direct sales…the general population sees it all the same. Unfortunately, some see it negatively. They are reminded of some dishonest people and selling tactics. This happens in all industries. If you want to Rocket to the top of your pay plan and get into profit fast, then you MUST be ethical and genuine. No matter the pressures that may be upon you, be careful to run your business above par in all respects.

Play a Fair Game:
Be sure to not cross recruit or steal from other team members. Play fairly.

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