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Are you sure you’re in the right industry?

May 15, 2014

Do you ever ask yourself? Am I in the industry? Are you in the right company? Are you passionate about the products, the plan, and the people?

I trust that every multi level marketing or direct sales company out there is offering a premium product, at a premium price, that’s unique and available only through their distribution network. Right? But more often than not, your product and compensation plan is all about perception. So let’s put on the cheaters and take a better look.

Make sure your company has some of these attributes.

■ A premium and unique product or service

■ It’s priced for customers at wholesale

■ It is first to market and no one else can get the product formula or service

■ It gives people instant results, something they go ga-ga for!

■ It is a product or service that people would buy instantly but tell you doesn’t exist

■ The Company is at less than 1% market cap for the US and is a global company

■ The Company has had over 300% growth for more than three years running. It’s positioned for major growth or continued growth and stability.

Know the facts:

Multilevel Marketing, Direct Selling, Network Marketing, One of those Pyramid “Thingys” (if you are stuck in the 80’s). They are now what FRANCHISING was! MLM’s are the franchise for the masses!!! Look at the facts:
■ Multi-level Marketing is an over $30 billion per year industry in the United States. ($117 billion worldwide!)

■ 80% of women in the United States making over $100,000 per year are network marketers.

■ Over 74% of U.S. adults have purchased products via a Multi-level Marketing Rep.
■ Multi Level Marketing as an industry has created more Millionaires in the US than any other industry. (This holds true worldwide as well)

The great advantage of MLM’s is that there is a system that you can follow to create wealth. All the steps are the same…some run, some walk, some crawl. Worse yet is some sit and watch it go right by them. No other industry has someone willing to give you their secrets to success to make you successful because it puts their success in jeopardy.
In MLM’s we freely share those secrets because in this industry in order for someone to make more income, they have to help more people.

IT TAKES WORK!! Treat it like a job and it will pay you a six figure income. Treat it like a hobby and YOU WILL GET FRUSTRATED. Period!!!

The main difference is that with your “Job” you have to continue to show up to work to continue to get paid. With YOUR “MLM” COMPANY you do the work and you continue to get paid for the work you did prior and prior to that on top of the work you are currently doing.

Eventually the work you have done the first few years has compounded to the point where you don’t have to show up to get paid. YOU JUST GET PAID!!!.

Here’s to your wealth and abundance, your success in health and at home!

My sincere desire is that through our connection, I may encourage you to Be Inspired, Be Strong, Be You.

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