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50 Shades of Silence launches new mobile app to support and empower victims of revenge porn and cyberbullying

April 4, 2018

Download our NEW MOBILE APP from the Apple Store for iPhones or the Google Play Store for Android! Global social justice movement 50 Shades of Silence launches new mobile app resource that supports efforts to educate, advocate for and empower victims of cyber sexual assault Pittsburgh, PA – This week, global social justice movement 50 […]

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Inside the Making of Our Film

March 26, 2018

If you had told me last year this time that I would be a filmmaker a year later I would have laughed. But this is where the journey has taken me. As a first time filmmaker, I find myself uncertain, and a little bit overwhelmed at times, but each day I put one step in […]

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Her revenge porn problem is real, but the photos are fake

December 28, 2017

By Tamar Lapin  December 26, 2017 | 12:51pm Imagine having to tell every prospective employer or romantic partner that there are doctored nude photos of yourself on the Internet, posted there by some creep with access to Adobe Photoshop. “Nine times out of 10, they pull up a computer and look at the photos while I […]

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Florida man accused of attacking woman he stalked on Instagram

December 8, 2017

By: Julius Whigham II, Palm Beach Post Boynton Beach police arrested Michael Maurice Williams, 25, early Thursday after alleging he entered a 20-year-old woman’s bedroom through a window in late November and battered both her and one of her younger relatives. A 10-year-old boy related to the woman rushed to her aid, using a knife […]

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Matt Lauer accused of sexting NBC intern and staffers

November 30, 2017

Page Six By Mara Siegler and Emily Smith  Matt Lauer has also been accused of sexting female staffers at NBC, allegedly sending lewd messages and revealing pictures to women including a young intern. Sources tell Page Six that the reason he was fired so quickly by NBC News is that the messages, saved by an […]

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She Didn’t Fight Back, She’s Posting Selfies. Why People Doubt Victims of Sexual Misconduct.

November 30, 2017

The New York Times By SHAILA DEWAN She took decades to come forward. She can’t remember exactly what happened. She sent friendly text messages to the same man she says assaulted her. She didn’t fight back. There are all sorts of reasons women who report sexual misconduct, from unwanted advances by their bosses to groping or […]

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A new bill to criminalize Revenge Porn

November 29, 2017

A deluge of recent headlines accusing dozens of high-profile men of sexual harassment and assault can make it hard to believe the United States is progressing on those issues, but a new bill is one reason to argue the country is doing just that. Congress’ proposed bipartisan ENOUGH Act would criminalize revenge porn at the […]

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Facebook is testing a new program to combat revenge porn.

November 9, 2017

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Facebook is testing a new program to combat revenge porn. Expert Commends Facebook For Taking On Revenge Porn, Says Plan Needs Tweaking. It involves Facebook users sending naked or intimate photos of themselves, which has raised some eyebrows. Perhaps you have an ex-boyfriend or former spouse who has nude photos of you that you’d never want […]

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We’re looking for team members, maybe it’s you?

November 6, 2017

Who do you know, who is passionate about civil causes, and humanitarian issues, sensitive and concerned about sexual assault, abuse and victims’ rights? Someone who is excited about film and documentaries, storytelling and the arts and ready to bridge it all together? That person should have the heart of a lion, bold and courageous and […]

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