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H & H 27| Eva Kerschbaumer on Living a Beautiful Life

March 3, 2015

Imagine arriving alone here in the United States after escaping communist Hungary with only 50 dollars in your pocket, no ability to speak English and being only 22 years old.  Do you think the road ahead might be tough? Eva Kerschbaumer managed

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H & H 26 | James KUZAK on Living the Call of Duty

February 24, 2015

If you’ve been watching for a while, you know on Hustle and Heart TV we focus on my four pillars of success: Leadership, Leverage, Lifestyle and Loving your Journey. Today we will look at a different aspect of leadership and loving your journey.The title of leader

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H & H 25 | Nicole Narvaez MANNS on The Magic of Thinking Big

February 16, 2015

Do you ever get frustrated that you can’t grab the rest of your favorite lip color, makeup or mascara out the tube?  Worse…did you know they say there is about 15 to 20 percent that goes to waste.  Not if you have Nikki’s Magic Wand. Nicole Narvaez Manns tells me

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H & H 23 | Kiya TOMLIN on Fashion, Family and Football

February 3, 2015

How many of you grew up ripping pages out of fashion magazines, watching beautiful models strut the runway in designer clothes or wishing you could be Donna Karen, Versace, Edward Wilkerson, Russell Simmons, Valentino, or Carlonina Herrerar?

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H & H 24 | John Pournaras on Taxes, Teaching and Cutting the Red Tape

February 10, 2015

In this tax season…if you are tired of the “big box” companies or online way of doing taxes, then you need to meet John Pournaras. John calls himself the “Outrageous Accountant.” He is such a joy to be around. Yes, he wears black leather and ostrich

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H & H 22 |REBECCA HARRIS Being in business, the greatest journey you’ll ever take

January 27, 2015

Rebecca Harris is the Director, Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Chatham University and a longtime successful entrepreneur and business advocate. Under Rebecca’s leadership at the center she has designed and introduced a number of programs including

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H & H 21 | Shellie HIPSKY on How to Live an Inspired Life

January 19, 2015

You might find her working the runway, in a photo shoot or speaking passionately from stage, but no matter where she’s casting her beautiful smile and lovely spirit you can be assured that Dr. Shellie Hipsky is there to inspire you! Shellie is an Associate Professor

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How to use your Ideas to change the lives of others with Bill Strickland|H & H TV 38

September 8, 2015

If you subscribe to the belief that environment shapes people’s lives, then you’ll be impressed with what happens at Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild and Bidwell Training Center. Equally impressive, is the man who crafted this environment from clay

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Taking a front row seat on the road to success with Jared Show| H&H TV 39

September 15, 2015

It’s the kind of cheeky, horror flick that makes you laugh your butt off, and if you’re from Pittsburgh, appreciate the uniqueness of the city.  Even more so, Bigfoot: The Movie, makes you proud to celebrate one man’s dream come true on the big screen

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Building a strong family run business with the McGinnis Sisters|H&H TV 40

September 23, 2015

Making your grocery shopping experience priceless with the McGinnis Sisters.You can’t help but feel the family pride when you step into a McGinnis Sister Special Food store. The endearing experience is born out of generations of hard work,hustle and love

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