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Cyber Safety: Privacy, Protection and the Latest Laws Affecting Children and Families

March 19, 2018

Streamed Live ONLINE and taped in front of a live studio audience at WQED Pittsburgh March 9, 2018 

New media technology has given us the means to connect with people around the world . . . but that comes with tremendous benefits and serious risks.

Watch as Darieth Chisolm hosts this special one-hour live webcast that includes regional and national experts who explore and explain vital information about safety and privacy settings online and they will reveal how predators, cyber-bullies, and marketers evade them. Discover ways to protect your privacy; manage your social media “footprint”; and recognize and report online harassment.

In addition, legal experts explain important new “sexting” laws and what they mean for minors; and, they will reveal strategies for young people to defend themselves from and report online predators.

This special program also delves into the personal experiences of two survivors of online harassment and sexual predators. Hear how their traumatic experiences unfolded and listen to their advice for seeking help and moving forward if you, too, are a victim of this abuse.

Viewers were be able to submit questions for the panel through social media and have those questions answered live during the program. WQED Multimedia also will provide customizable marketing/promotion materials and Discussion Guides for groups to hold off-site Watch Parties and town hall meetings. (READ MORE)

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