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H & H TV 5| Denise WALSH on Deciding and Declaring your Self Worth

September 4, 2014

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Who is Denise?

Denise Walsh is a true inspiration to many!  She’s a dedicated It Works! Global Leader and has amassed a team of thousands of distributors. Her aspirations to help people were born out of a professional career as a clinical psychologist. With that as her background Denise, turned her burning desire to help people into a drive to improve their lives financially with “That Crazy Wrap Thing!” But it didn’t come easy.  Doubts, fears and objections stood to derail her…but decisions and declarations kept her right on pace. So who says you don’t deserve to make over 100,000 a month?  Take it from this lady…anything is possible!

Hustle Hacks

  • Never let NO stop you.
  • Follow simple steps and stay on track.
  • The sky isn’t the limit, you can go higher.

Denise Resources

Retire Your Husband: A Mom’s Guide to Making Millions with Network Marketing

Beach Money: Creating Your Dream Life Through Network Marketing

I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life

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