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H & H TV 4| Charlie BATCH on Football, Family & Finding Purpose

August 26, 2014

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Who is Charlie?

You know him as a star NFL Quarterback  for some 15 seasons on the Gridiron…mostly with the Black and Gold, Pittsburgh Steelers.   His background and now more recent adventures are colorful to say the least bringing light and hope to his hometown of Homestead, Pennsylvania through his organization he founded, Best of the Batch Foundation. Charlie has been providing services and programs for over 2300 kids for over the past decade.

Charlie tells me he started his NFL career with the end in mind. Thinking about his future on and off the field and knew that he would need to find a time in his life that he would be giving back. He opens up by telling me about the tragic shooting death of his sister and how that lead him to his success and how he focused his energy on the gridiron and the community. He reflects on his life lessons, opportunities, and  lack of opportunities…coming up now on Hustle & Heart TV.

Hustle Hacks

  • Keep your head in the game of life
  • Always start something with the end in mind
  • Giving back is how you move forward in life

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