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I made a little history this week…thanks to the help of 22 Social.

May 9, 2014


This week I Jumped way outside of my comfort Zone!!! I went live on three different platforms, Facebook…using 22Social, Youtube and Google Hangout… from my dining room in Pittsburgh, hosting my first ever Live Wrap Party! Oh boy what fun…with the help of a few friends, we brought people from all over the country into my home, LIVE in one night. I didn’t even need to pack my bags to travel. Over 150 people CHECKED IN and we gave away Free Wraps, pulling names live on the air and announcing the winners. Want to check it out??? Here’s the link. 

What made it possible? A whole lot of guts, some equipment and support, but also the use of social media and 22 Social. You should check it out. You’ll find a ton of cool ways you can interact with your Facebook Fans. Here’s the link 

If you watched us live or if you are using 22 Social to help grow your business, please comment below.



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