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H & H TV 37| How Jackie EVANCHO launched to stardom from America’s Got Talent

May 11, 2015

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Who is Jackie?

Jaws dropped, eyes widened, the look of disbelieve was evident.  That was the reaction of the judges and audience when Jackie Evancho first released her power house voice onto “America’a Got Talent” back in their 5th season. She was a beautifully sweet, soft spoken 10 year old girl from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but when she began to sing, her voice sounded more like a seasoned adult professional.
Jackie invited me into her family home where we got a chance to talk about how it all began for her and how much fun she had taking road trips with her mother and siblings attending open auditions just trying to catch her “big break”.  Even thought “America’s Got Talent” is what put her on the map, she cherishes the memories of the the road trips with her family to countless auditions before and after her stardom.
Jackie has been busy performing, modeling, and even acting as well and collaborating with long list of other talented artists. She was excited to tell me all about her new album “Awakening”. This busy, now 15 year old is full of talent, poise and a voice that continues to make jaws drop.  She is  even making a little bit of time for a love life.  More on my conversation with Jackie Evancho, right here on Hustle & Heart TV with Darieth Chisolm.


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