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Taking a front row seat on the road to success with Jared Show| H&H TV 39

September 15, 2015

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Who is Jared?

It’s the kind of cheeky, horror flick that makes you laugh your butt off, and if you’re from Pittsburgh, appreciate the uniqueness of the city.  Even more so, Bigfoot: The Movie, makes you proud to celebrate one man’s dream come true on the big screen.

Jared Show, is the filmmaker, director and producer of the comedy/horror flick, filmed just north of Pittsburgh, in Ellwood City and funded by a Kickstarter campaign that raised $100,000.

Jared grew up in the Ellwood City Area and tells me his grandfather used to tell Bigfoot stories. That, combined with his love for campy horror movies were the inspiration for Bigfoot the Movie.The cast is headed by Curt Wootton, better known as “Pittsburgh Dad” on YouTube. Pittsburghers will also recognize Bill Crawford from the WDVE morning show; Jim Krenn, a former co-host of that show; and Joanie Dodds, of Beaver County, who was on “America’s Next Top Model.” Jared plays Burl, in his creation come true.

It’s taken nearly 8 years for Jared to realize his dream. And to watch it on the big screen and even be apart of the movie, yes I have a role as TV reporter in the movie, was such an honor and treat.   Jared Show on this episode of Hustle & Heart TV.

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