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H & H 34|Kathy PARRY on Living your Dreams, One Bite at a Time

April 21, 2015

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Who is Kathy?

Our relationship with food can be described as good and bad, healthy and harmful, vital and victimizing. We know we can’t live with it and food is the center piece to our survival.

 The business of our relationship with food is huge and “Real Food Coach”   Kathy Parry will help you understand what real, whole foods are and how they affect health and vitality.  Kathy shares amazing food facts in funny, non-judgmental, yet information-packed sessions. She also shares great information and tips on marketing and becoming a speaker.

 You’ll find her strategies impactful no matter what your business or career is. With degrees in Business and Food Management, Kathy set out to change the world of food; but first she trained bankers. Kathy discovered her love for standing up in front of people as she developed and delivered training programs for a super-regional bank in the South.  Every weekend Kathy was busy following food trends and cooking for friends.  After leaving the world of banking, Kathy jumped at the chance to get back to her real passion and she began to sell imported and specialty foods.  This immersion into food fueled her desire to encourage others to eat real food.  Soon, those others she was encouraging came in the form of four children.

Speaker, author and food coach, Kathy Parry, up next on Hustle & Heart TV with Darieth Chisolm.



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