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H & H 23 | Kiya TOMLIN on Fashion, Family and Football

February 3, 2015

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Who is Kiya?

How many of you grew up ripping pages out of fashion magazines, watching beautiful models strut the runway in designer clothes or wishing you could be Donna Karen, Versace, Edward Wilkerson, Russell Simmons, Valentino, or Carlonina Herrerar?  Designer Kiya Tomlin was starry eyed too. She turned that eye for fashion into a dream come true after ditching her pre-med education.  Kiya creates high fashion comfort, focusing on the various body shapes of everyday women, her garments are designed to be comfortable as well as flattering.

Her new Uptown Sweats are a wonderful collection with a sporty flair. No wonder sportiness plays a role, Kiya is the wife of Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin. She’s a mother of three and knows the importance of being able to move seamlessly through the various roles women play throughout the day. Inspired by her own busy lifestyle, Kiya tells me more about her fashion career, busy lifestyle, the unique business challenges those in the fashion industry face and great advice for up and coming fashionistas!  Kiya Tomlin on Hustle and Heart TV with Darieth Chisolm.


Watch the Video of her S/S15 Photo Shoot


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