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H & H 20 | Mame KENDALL on How to be a smoking, hot success in a male dominated industry

January 14, 2015

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Who is Mame?

Mame Kendall is smoking in an industry that is generally reserved for men. The cigar industry, notorious for powerful tobacco companies, cigar aficionados and men who’ve turned their cigar passions into store front dreams. However, Mame is no smoke in the mirror, her Smoke Cigar Shop & Lounge might be a new addition to the industry but Mame is no novice in the cigar world. She knows what she is doing.Mame’s owned several cigar shops in the past 13 years and even had input in the development and success of a line of specialty cigars. Thanks to the cigar community in Pittsburgh, her business is booming.
Mame is sharing her story of how she did it and why working your “ASH off” is a sure fire guarantee for success.
Mame Kendall up next on Hustle and Heart TV with Darieth Chisolm.


Smoke Cigar Shop & Lounge


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