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Building your Business in the city of Bridges with Mayor Bill Peduto on H & H TV 44

October 21, 2015

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Who is Mayor Bill Peduto?

The spirit of an entrepreneur is a rare and exciting energy. It comes in all aspects of business and even in Politics. Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto has championed the spirit of the entrepreneur by earmarking programs and initiatives to promote economic development at its core level. What we used to call Mom and Pop stores has spawned a new generation of small business owners who remain eager to do business in their neighborhoods and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Mayor Peduto didn’t come from a political family, his family ran a small business in one of the Pittsburgh neighborhoods. So his roots are closely connected to being a business owner before turning to politics, Peduto did engage the spirit of an entrepreneur as the “The man behind the candidates” with his own business, Allegheny Political Resources. It was his love of politics, that led him to run for the seat of Mayor for the city of Pittsburgh. Mayor Peduto says the City of Steel is now the City of Learning. He speaks to me about the extensive opportunities for small, and large businesses here in Pittsburgh and the exciting programs geared for driven entrepreneurs. He highlights his newest program, as a “Beacon” of light. Watch now for more from my interview with Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto on Hustle & Heart TV with Darieth Chisolm.

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