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Must be the Money!!!

May 24, 2014


So we all signed up to make money right?

Ah…yeah and lot’s of it, Sista!!! Oh yes and in Network Marketing, you can make a lot of it! But it has got to be more than just about the money.

Money without Passion will leave you feeling empty.

You have to know WHY you want to make money and its purpose should drive you and leave you feeling accomplished.

Money is not a good enough motivator for most people to do what it takes to earn more of it. Hell, most of us have been living without a lot of it anyway. So when times get tough and we lose our motivation, we give up or lose steam and then revert back to “making ends meet!”

Decide that your goals for making the money are so much bigger than the paycheck! Buy something or do something that is priceless. Go for an experience you’ll never forget, make your dreams so big they excite you and fill you up!

Building a business is HARD, but you will change your attitude about it when you have something you REALLY, REALLY want at the end of it. The money will flow to you, if you give it outlets to pour into. Focus on your why and the money will follow.
My sincere hope is through our connection, I may encourage you to Be Inspired, Be Strong, Be You.

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