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Oh no…. she Didn’t!!!!!

May 20, 2014


Geez…I’ve been after this woman for months…and she told me NO again and even worse, that was my fifth no this week! Urgh!!!! So frustrating! Right? Wrong! I’m using the no’s that come pouring into my life as fuel to push on as motivating factors that will lead to greater success. Why, because I can’t afford for someone’s “No” to take me away from my goals and dreams. How about you? How are the no’s affecting you?  I know how frustrating it can be when someone says “no” to your business opportunity. Don’t let it stop you. Find ways to improve my recruiting skills and get more “yes’s”. Here are some fantastic tips for getting past the “no’s” that I discovered this morning:

1. Most people say no many times before they say yes. You’ve read the statistics where some research firm says the average sale happens on the fifth call, after the seventh no and so on. It’s important to maintain your belief in your product or service and the benefits your customers will receive, even when all you’re getting are nos. That belief will help you come back with a positive attitude, new ideas, and valuable information to change your prospect’s mind.

2. Leverage previous yes’s and success. Think back to the time you’ve had the greatest results. What about some positive comments from clients that made you feel great, or when you saw your check climb because of a series of yes’s!!! Find ways to boost your enthusiasm, and that enhanced enthusiasm alone is all-powerful when facing the naysayers.

3. Just decide that no’s don’t hurt anymore. Move forward. I hate to see people waste time with prospects that will never end up buying anything for a variety of reasons. Maybe now just isn’t’ right for them. Moving on to new contacts and increasing your sales activity is one of the best ways to deal with no’s that are surely headed your way.

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