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H & H TV 13| Pat MCDONNELL on What a restaurant powerhouse can teach you about rolling in the dough

October 27, 2014

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Who is Pat?

In the restaurant business, planning to open or operate one, looking to open another one or several more? Grab pen and paper you’ll want take notes from my next guest. If you live or work in Pittsburgh you’ve dined at one of his restaurants, Atria’s, Juniper Grill or Ditka’s. They are just part of Pat McDonnell’s growing empire of restaurants and business. Even if you are outside of Pittsburgh and you’ve visited a Chi Chi’s restaurant, then you’ve felt his influence, Pat helped to roll out 80 of those Mexican favorites in the past. Today he’s busy working on ways to carve out a better experience for his diners, while eating away at his competition. On this episode, you’ll find Pat dishes on the financing and money management in the restaurant industry and why staying away from cheesy gimmicks is the best way to bring in the dough.

Hustle Hacks

  • Be sure always enjoy what you’re doing.
  • Providing quality service to every customer, every time is how you build loyalty.
  • Partnering with owners who have a personal financial stake in the business, ensures a focused work ethic.

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