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You will learn how to CREATE, PROMOTE, and DELIVER powerful in-person workshops, bootcamps, and retreats; ATTRACT your dream clients; EXPOSE your expertise; and DEVELOP the fastest path to cash – in only 5 weeks (…for real). Click here for my FREE Masterclass and learn my 5 Step Method to Making $5K+ a Day Hosting Workshops. I will show you how to turn your workshop participants into paying clients, as you expose your EXPERTISE, build TRUST, and create MEANINGFUL relationships that can cultivate consistent revenue, extra cash in your pocket, and a quality stream of oh-so-dreamy clients.

I work with corporate professionals, coaches, authors, speakers & visionaries to develop and secure an online media platform that builds brand, influence and income. I am a visibility and media strategist who coaches you to gain the confidence and business-building tools you need to live your highest purpose, make an impact using various media and earn money for your great work. Are you ready to fully engage and connect with your target audience, attract and sign a series of ideal clients and opportunities? Then you’ve come to the right place and the right person.

I know you feel the calling in your heart and you have a message to share. You’ve been on an incredible journey and I know you want to share it with the world. If you are finally ready to release whatever’s been holding you back (fear, doubt, confusion, procrastination, etc.) and finally birth your most powerful and authentic message and mission to the world, it’s time we get started.

I am your trusted guide who appreciates and celebrates your mission and your needs. Someone who can help you navigate away from the things that are holding you back from taking those precious steps to finally make, market and monetize your brand and influence. Someone who knows when to give you space and when to hold your feet to the fire; someone who understands the ins and outs of media, marketing and building a trusted brand. I’m happy to be that someone.

I can show you step-by-step how to access your true, authentic message, overcome fears, put your brand on blast and become the influencer you are meant to be!

Together we focus on the internal work, your message and its delivery, youron camera presence, how to craft the perfect media campaign, establish the right team to support you, get the right tools and resources in place, manage the creative process and pull it all together so it builds your brand, influence and income.

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