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H & H TV 9| Ray HIGDON on Losing it All and Winning even More

September 22, 2014

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Who is Ray?

In 2004 Ray quit his job in information technology, jumped into the real estate industry, made some money, only to be slammed in the economy downfall in 2008, and lost everything. All the rental properties, all the cash he saved, a long-term relationship and worse his self-worth…all gone. But then a friend introduced him to network marketing and things turned around quickly.

In addition he’s:
Won 11 paid vacations (8 from his network marketing company). Ray has had product launches with sales of over $850,000.  Averages over 2 million hits a month to his blog. Won a BMW 7 Series ($100,000 car).  Plus became the #1 earner in his network marketing company.  How did he do it? Watch or Listen to Hustle & Heart TV to find out.

Hustle Hacks

  • Successful people don’t have time to speak non-serving language and neither should you.
  • Learn to improve your MLM recruiting by being more straight forward and please stop chasing people.
  • One powerful method of overcoming procrastination is to fully realize you do NOT have all the time in the world.

Ray’s Resources

Cold Market Recruiting Blueprint

10K Social Media Recruiting Formula

8 Secrets To Creating A Million Dollar Blog Post-Sale Offer

Top Earner Recruiting Secrets – How to Recruit More Reps Into Your MLM (Top Earner Series Book 1)

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