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H & H TV 8| Sam DEEP on Shark Like Leadership

September 15, 2014

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Who is Sam?

Part of my desire to do a show like Hustle & Heart TV was to expose people to a caliber of individuals who could share mindset and mastery in the fields of business, leadership, personal development and success management. In life sometimes you meet people who can do all of these things but then effectively engage with others and inspire them to grow and expand and become better leaders themselves. Sam Deep is one of those people. I had the opportunity to see Sam in action years ago and have followed him loosely through social media. 

Then a few months back we ended up on an airplane together and as fate has it…I was endeared again by his passion and commitment to the excellence of others. I knew then our paths would cross in the future and here I am today featuring him as one of my guests on the show. Who’s Sam Deep? Sam has spoken in front of over 150,000 people; his internationally published books have sold over one million copies. When you meet Sam you’ll discover why none other than Tom Peters says that you and your teams will come away “with practical ways to implement positive change in the gut level day-to-day experience. Sam tells us what makes an awesome leader.

Hustle Hacks

  • Setting expectations and priorities.
  • Award team leaders and set the pace.
  • Leverage the opportunities around you to help you reach your goals.

Sam’s Resources

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