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H & H TV 6| Stephanie DONEGAN on creating an Irresistible Juicy Brand

September 4, 2014

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Who is Stephanie?

She calls herself the marketing maven and client attraction specialist, and when you meet Stephanie Donegan, you’ll surely agree, she’s got something truly special. Stephanie has years of experience in sales and marketing, helping major Fortune 500 telecommunications companies get their message and their brand out to the masses in the juiciest ways possible. 

She’s been featured on NBC, CBS and Fox Business just to name a few.

Since branching off in 2009 as a private marketing coach, I’ve worked with clients in industries from real estate to health & wellness, telecommunications, tech start-ups and fashion brands.

My clients have gone from little to no revenue to 6 and 7 figures within 12 to 18 months by learning to effectively market their online businesses to their ideal clients by stripping, showcasing themselves and their brands authentically.

Hustle Hacks

  • Having Non Negotiable
  • Hiring the Right Business Coach
  • Creating a Juicy Lifestyle

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