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“I don’t want to say it was meant to happen to you. But someone with your background, reporting the facts, telling the stories…Professional life coach who teaches people how to get through difficult times and be their best selves, who then has the time to deal with this problem and help us all…”

Megyn Kelly Today

“Darieth is a leading advocate in victim’s rights particularly in regards to revenge porn.”

Dr. OZ

Darieth Chisolm’s idea worth spreading is one that occurs at the intersection of technology, digital policy and self-empowerment. She absolutely captivated the in-person audience at TEDxPittsburgh as they followed her journey that led to her idea for better safeguards for individuals in our evolving digital world. It stands out that she seeks change not just for herself, but for others who may have or may yet to find themselves in a similar position. Her preparation, thoughtfulness and ingenuity are on full display in her TEDx talk.