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Web site and Blog Launch Day

May 1, 2014

websitelaunchdayOMG I’m TURNED UP!!!!!

Whooo!!!!! Building a new web site is so much like birthing a baby!!! No, maybe even more difficult! Because it lasts so much longer!!!!! But I have the sense that the same of joy of birthing a baby will fall over me in the next few days as I forget the pain, time, labor and moans and groans I suffered through to birth this web site! 🙂

Anyway it’s done! And I have my incredible assistant, Kelly Frost to thank for the hours she spent helping me “Push!”

I’m so excited about where this goes from here!

First off A New Look and Feel.  And I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Secondly, a NEW VIDEO AND AUDIO PODCAST’s.  Thus the need to add the website addition to the family!

Third, It’s just time to get with it. While I whistled and wain and frankly fought for sometime about moving to word press and blogging, I knew it was in my future. I guess my technology clock was ticking and it was time to birth a website before it was too late.

Fourth, I’m also celebrating and this is just another occasion to drink for! So Champaign and Sushi for me and Kelly!



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