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Why the Maker Movement will be impacted by BoXZY on Hustle & Heart TV 57

January 16, 2019
Who is Joel Johnson?

A three in one dream come true for creators and Makers.
It’s a CNC MILL, a LASER ENGRAVER, a 3D-PRINTER…it’s BoXZY, the creation from brothers, Joel and Justin Johnson. These brothers have been working diligently to bring this concept to life through challenges, difficult times, financial dilemmas and turbulence. Yet, they never let their doubts, curb their mission or pursuit of their goals. This much needed solution for inventors and creation makers, kept the brothers on pace to create this one of kind design.

They had one of the most successful kickstarter campaigns to date, raising over 1 million dollars. Makers in the city of Pittsburgh have been buzzing about them and TechShop is where they spend most of their time creating and collaborating their ideas with their team and colleagues. Watch and learn more about their story and watch how BoXZY made a one of a kind piece of jewelry for me on Hustle & Heart TV with Darieth Chisolm.

BTW, please excuse the noise, we shot this interview in a very busy TechShop in Pittsburgh, we couldn’t pass up the chance to do what we do best on Hustle & Heart TV and bring you right into the space where dreams come true.

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