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Who will hear me and how can I help others?

October 17, 2017

We are at a pivotal point in time. More people are gaining the courage and conviction to #speakout against sexual assault, abuse, torment, humiliation, and victimization. Even if you have never silenced your voice, hid in shame or squelched your courage you are likely hearing the rally call from others like myself are gaining the courage to speak out and bond together.

So much of my own personal courage to speak out came from these three thoughts.

I am not a victim!

Who do I need to become now, in order to get through this?

Who will hear me and how can I help others?

This is, in part how 50 Shades of Silence was born. And now as more people are speaking out, sharing their stories and seeking to support one another, it’s refreshing to know “me too” and “we are not alone.”

My thanks to my friends Dr. Shellie Hipsky, Kelly Frost and the amazing Inspiring Lives Team for sharing my story with their readers.

The work of this social justice project will unfold over months and years and we are laying the groundwork for so much for so many. I invite you to come along the journey with us and click here to pledge your support in our Patreon community.

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