And the News headline reads.....


Darieth Chisolm retired from WPXI Channel 11 news, after 20 years on Pittsburgh airways, to sell those "Crazy Wraps!".....


Yep, I'll admit it, it does sound crazy, a show stopper, a headline and a bit of a sensational one. Right!


But the truth is, I retired to spend more time with family, travel, and focus on my passions of wellness, fitness, wealth building and personal development.


As a Top 100 Money Earner in It Works Global, I'm enjoying an incredibly successful career, doing what I love, encouraging and coaching people to be their best and enjoy the best.


But it wasn't always like that...


I was struggling with a very busy and challenging news anchor career, trying to keep the lights on at my fitness studio Fullbody Fitness Club, wishing for more time to spend with my family and tired of juggling it all.


I needed a solution. FAST!


Nine months after I began my It Works journey, I was able to match my fulltime 6 figure TV News Anchor salary and retire from my job.


Along the way, I've been developing, using and sharing some strategic marketing, sales and training tools and resources that are resulting in success for myself and hundreds more.


As part of my life's mission I'm committed to helping others live their dreams, so I invite you on this journey and encourage you to get

my Free Guide to Network Marketing Success in 3 Easy Steps.



You'll discover how to:

  • Take Massive Action and get Results
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By the way...I'm not trying to recruit you into my business, I'm trying to recruit you into yours... So let's get on with it!